Nahid Momenkhani | About

Nahid Momenkhani

(Painter & Translator)

Nahid Momenkhani (ناهید مومن‌خانی) was born in Tehran in August of 1977 to an artistic and cultural family.  Her passion for drawing came at an early age because she was influenced and highly encouraged by her mother.  She began to paint seriously at the age of twelve through the teachings of “Ms. Karimi Tabesh”.  She then continued her studies in art under the supervision of “Mr. Ráfat Negarandeh”, as well as participated in private painting and sketching courses at Tehran University.

In 1997, she was accepted to the University of “Allameh Tabatabaiee” as a student of French language Translation. Because of her fascination for art and culture in French, learn this language profoundly enriched her general knowledge of art and painting.
Momenkhani started to teach painting and sketching privately to students in 1998. Simultaneously she began writing and translating articles for some famous magazines and papers.

Since 1999, in addition to her artistic and cultural activities, she started to teach painting to children and youth at a rehab centre in Tehran for seven years while at the same time, held fourteen art galleries. Working at the rehab centre and with sick children inspired Momenkhani to create her masterpiece the “Innocence”. 

After she graduated from university, she continued her studies in “Kish” and “Kanoun zabane Iran” institutes and got her “Formartion de Formateurs” certificate from the cultural office of France embassy(SCAC) and then in “Safir” institute. Afterwards, she succeeded to receive her “Delf” diploma.  Her French studies lead her to provide French tutoring professionally to students.  Regardless of her passion for the French language, she never neglected her passion for the arts which she always held in first priority. In 2003, she held her first own individual art gallery. In the autumn of the same year Momenkhani got to know “Mr. Mehrdad Jamshidi”, a

professor of art and was given the opportunity to continue painting and sketching under his supervision academically and professionally.

Momenkhani believes that there is no end to learning and exploring.  Everyone should value the ability to learn at any age or level.  Furthermore, she believes that the best way to keep and expand your knowledge in all aspects of life, is to teach and preach positively what you have learned to others. she believes that while she has come a long way and has grown professionally, she is still a student because she still feels blessed and honoured to continually learn from great and experienced professors.